All Breeds,  Puppy to Advanced Level Training  - Professional service - Reward Based Training - Excellent Results
 Are of course available, outwith the training club. The first lesson, takes place with you and your dog, in his own enviroment at home. After an initial in depth consultation, we proceed to the first lesson.I work closely with dog and owner so that the owner understands, what and why im doing things a certain way, and also to understand commands, and how to teach them correctly. Any problems you are experiencing with your dog, will be discussed, and you will be shown  - hands on instruction, and given support how to correct this. All types of "issues" can be sorted...anything from aggression, to pulling continuously on the lead, jumping up at people, dog wont come back to you, changing the dominant dog to fit in with your pack, etc etc. Clients and dog who opt for private lessons, has certain benefits - 
Down stay german shepherd odgs from posh pets dog club k9
 One to one lessons, are beneficial for the dog/owner who finds the class enviroment stressful.( for their own reason)
 Certain behaviour can be dealt with more effectively, 1-2-1. Whilst training, you have the instructors undivided attention, and your dog is more likely to progress  much quicker.
Lessons are available at a date and time to suit you, the client.
I come to your home initially - depending on the problem, but you can come to a location close to me that i use for training also.
1-2-1- Lessons work towards solving "issues", taking part on a  course of beginners lessons  for perhaps a new rescued dog, or wanting a little more training for your dog who has already got the basics. People sign up to private lessons, for various reasons!
Lessons conducted outwith East Lothian will incur a mileage supplement.
Please call me if you wish to discuss any difficulties you are having with your pet, and a training solution and package can be addressed.
Posh pets clients, are advised that they can call me, at any point throughout their lessons whether classes or 1-2-1- and i will always do my best to assist with any difficulties they may endure.
High success rate - 

Only those owners who are willing to put the time, and practice in, along with taking on board the instructors recomendations, will benefit greatly from private tuition.Once you have started training with me and do not use the remained of your lessons - i do not make refunds.
CALL HEATHER ON  0770 960 5238 (MOBILE) or


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