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Mini SmartChip for Dog Microchipping

The Mini SmartChip is a small microchip roughly the same size as a grain of rice with a unique 15-digit identity number. The Mini SmartChip can be quickly and easily implanted into the scruff of an animal’s neck by a qualified SmartChip implanter, usually a vet or breeder. Mini SmartChip are a popular choice for dog microchipping as a result of their unique properties. All Mini SmartChip can be read by FDX-B and Universal microchip scanners and are ISO 11874/11785 compliant. MiniChips are the standout choice as they meet all of the UK standards as other dog microchipping devices, but with the added benefit of these ‘smart’ features. 

Unique Anti-Migration Technology

  • Instantly update Mini SmartChip details and flag pets and lost or stolen instantly.

  • Lost or stolen pet telephone support from an expert team

  • Missing pet poster campaigns

  • Free registration on the national SmartTrace™ database

Many pet owners are concerned about the chip migrating after implantation, particularly in dog microchipping. Every Mini SmartChip is coated in a unique Parylene C coating which creates an irregular surface on the SmartChip. This biotechnology coating allows surrounding cells to bond to the chip to hold it in place. The process is quick to take hold, and the Mini SmartChip will be completely encapsulated within 3-4 weeks, minimising the risk of migration.Added Peace of MindThe Mini SmartChip enables pet owners to have complete control over their pet’s microchip. Pet owners can register and update their details on the national SmartTrace™ database and instantly flag their pets as lost or stolen through their online account management panel.

My professional service provides a efficient, hygienic, experience for your pet, with the most kind handling skills from 10 years as an implanter, and 27 years as a dog trainer! 

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