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As you may have noticed from viewing my website, i am very much a GSD lover, and enthusiast, hence the " SPECIAL GSD PACKAGE "
This breed is often quite misunderstood, and frequently " looked upon " as being ferocious bad dogs.  In my, and most other trainers experience, any dog, whether its a spaniel, or lhasa apso, can be a nightmare if it is NOT TRAINED.
The German Shepherd is an intelligent, noble dog, who wants to love and protect its family. Putting training in place, setting rules and boundaries, GSD,S are very trainable dogs, and working with this breed is extremely rewarding! who will live in harmony , within their " family pack ". Anyone who has lived with a Shepherd, will understand the bond one can have with them, the fabulous sense of humour they have, and the devotion this breed  give you!
The" beginners" package includes - 
1 private 1-2-1- lesson   IN YOUR HOME 
5 class lessons   
3 outdoor training/social sessions
 As soon as your new puppy is fully vaccinated and out and about it is crucial you get him into a good puppy class. You want him to be sociable, friendly, confident, and progressing well with obedience training. You should be able to take your dog absolutely anywhere, and he should be a pleasure.

If i can help with any questions, training info or General support, please dont hesitate to call me.

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