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 About me....My name is Heather, and i am the proprietor and  instructor with POSH PETS.I have been around animals all my life. As a child, i was always visiting my uncle,GEORGE ENGLAND, who was a gamekeeper, where he bred, worked and showed his labradors.(AFFIX - ST. KATHERINES). He also ran the local dog training class in St. Andrews- so i guess i am following in his footsteps! From a very early age, i felt confident and very comfortable around animals.

Many times i had the privilage of taking a dog in the child handling classes, which i loved.
When i lived in California, USA,in 1985 i worked up to management level of a large rescue and boarding kennel .This is where i gained so much experience from working with all breeds.I also studied dog training & behaviour in a residential establishment in Topanga, California. My love of certain large breeds, ie THE GERMAN SHEPHERD DOG,DOBERMANS, AND ROTTIES became apparent. Owning dogs and  sharing my life with dogs, has encouraged me to embark on a truly enjoyable career around them.My world is my animals. I could never, in my wildest dreams imagine my home without my dogs and other pets!  
  Prior to starting POSH PETS PET CARE, i was employed by the Duke of Hamilton for 4 years, and assisted them with a dog rescue that was very close to their hearts, which i thoroughly loved , although the down side often, we were staring cruelty and dog neglect, right in the face.
During the late 80,s and early 90,s, i was involved in showing my Rotties. I was never a high flyer, mearly travelled around the Scottish show scene, some weekends in the rosettes, and sometimes not. I felt that i always brought home with me the "best in show" I still dabble, in the show world with  my GSD,S.,   
Below, is my male GSD, Bachmeier Mirarge - handled by Jim Mathieson.
I was a member of Midlothian Dog Training Club, and Club Secretary, in 2006. Mr Bill Duncan was head trainer at that club. He was a great friend, a massive German Shepherd fan, and i learnt such a great deal from his knowledge over the years. Sadly Bill passes away a few years ago.

                                         As a genuine lover of animals, and a big supporter of animal welfare, i have judged and sponsored a few pet dog shows for charity, THE COUNTRYSIDE ALLIANCE SHOW, which i both sponsored and judged, at GOSFORD HOUSE, Longniddry  .For charity, i have sponsored many worthy causes, including German Shepherd Rescue Scotland, The Blue Cross Animal Rescue, and auctioned private training lessons recently to help a fund raise money for Dunbar Primary School. In the club, we are currently running a raffle with proceeds going to the Edinburgh PDSA, who gives vet treatment to pets ,whos owners are on low income, unemployed or elderly. At Christmas the training club brought in items for pets, which was given to Edinburgh Cat and Dog Home.
006 At my home in East Lothian, my family and i share the house with our pets." ICE" is my German Shepherd male. He came from the excellent Bachmeier Kennels. He is from German show lines, with his sire being, DITO VAN NOORT. He is a very sharp , switched on dog and a beautiful specimen of a GSD.
" STORM" came from Prestonpans, needing a home at 6 weeks! She was from an accidental mating. She has turned out to be such a sweetheart, and a smart cookie too!

posh pets storm german shepherd from posh pets dog obedience training club storm                                    sit, stay with posh pets dog obedience lessons tel 01620 820888                                            ******
Over the years, i have studied  many courses in animal behaviour, pet microchip implanter, training, and canine psychology, and have diplomas and certificates from "recognised" establishments. Not just a piece of paper from an internet site!(Available to clients on request.) A profile of client testimonials who i have worked with are available too.I am also a Kennel Club, GCDS Examiner.Each year, i further my education of the canine world, with developing my skills, from attending seminars, and going on behaviour and training courses.

In the horse world, i have been a Equine Welfare Advisor, for 9 years or so,which is a voluntary position, with Redwings Horse Sanctuary, who have their Headquarters in Norfolk.I also hold B.H.S. diplomas.Many years ago, i worked part time helping to care for competition horses owned by Alistair Lennox, and had personal training from Elspeth Owen & Kirsten Ullenbrock.
Animal welfare is something that we at Posh Pets, support and promote.Member of National Association of Pet Rescue Professionals.
 Please!! If you are looking to have a German Shepherd, look at all the rescue websites here in Scotland, as there are many many Shepherds in rescue, through NO FAULT OF THEIR OWN!

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